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Robyn Chase Photography

I am a photographic artist, interested in photography since I was very young.  While Perusing the many photo memory books that my great Grandmother had created and holding in my small hands a brownie box camera that belonged to my great Grandfather,  I became captivated by the ability to take an image of someone or something and to remember and keep it forever.  With every photo there was a story.  For me, the story of the subject is half the mystique of the photography experience. The color and texture that I add to my photos is meant to enhance the story or perhaps add another layer to it.

Come join me in my journey...

Story Abounds in People and Place.


To find out more about ordering, please click the link below:


Prints and other information...

Selected pieces of my art can be viewed and purchased at           MB Woodworks in Newaygo, MI. as well as Lindo Mexico Gallery located within Lindo Mexico Restaurant in Wyoming, MI.


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